Yeoman Angular JeeJ.

hosted as "generator-tk" on github see it on j'ai écrit un billet de blog en Français à propos de ce générateur Yeoman.


Why would you use this generator ?

Because it gives: Gulp, Angular, coffeescript, jquery, bootstrap, font awesome, commitement to open source. browser sync, karma, jasmine, jslint, uglify, coverall and more. with some tests examples, and a sassy way to use sass.
status: working by now and usable. See Todo's section.

npm angular jeej


Getting Started

you need yeoman from NPM. To install it in command line, run this:

$ npm i -g yo

to run the generator, use yo.

$ yo angular-jeej

You will be asked a name for your webapp. After all is set up, enjoy your new app. You just have to run the default gulp task to have your webapp live. Each time you will save a scss, coffee, or html, they will be compiled, concatened and rendered into the dist folder.

$ gulp

if you did no error in these watched files, you will be able to reach your webapp (live reloading) on localhost. http://localhost:3002/

sub Generators

You can run a command to build an angular controller:

$ yo angular-jeej:controller

Or a service

$ yo angular-jeej:controller

they will be created in the folder /src/coffee


if you have issues while running the generator, like dependencies failues, update your generators.


  • add breadcrumb module
  • ui router to add to angluar
  • command to build a ng route
    • Write more tests

made with the Yeoman generator

by Tykayn - Tykayn Github If you'd like to get to know Yeoman better and meet some of his friends, Grunt and Bower , check out the complete Getting Started Guide .